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Coastal Trident (CT) was established in 2007 as a comprehensive training and exercise program for the Port of Hueneme. The program was originally intended to satisfy the Port’s annual security exercise requirement and familiarize local government partners in responding to an emergency at the Port with the unique operational challenges of the environment.

Coastal Trident is an annual education, field experimentation, and exercise program that is designed to advance the state of the art in addressing potential threats to the U.S. Marine Transportation System.


We join a network of leading academic, research, test & evaluation, and in-service engineering centers to further expand the nation’s ability to provide solutions to relevant challenges in the maritime domain. By leveraging the unique geographic, operational and environmental assets located at the Port of Hueneme, MAST invites entrepreneurs with an optimized solution a surrounding for sustained research, experimentation and test programs.


The lab brings together the interests and initiatives of both public and private sectors with the first responder community. The laboratory’s mission is to test, evaluate, progress and promote the implementation of knowledge and innovation.


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